5 simple mistakes might jeopardise your application!

Dear potential applicants, there are 5 most crucial points I would love to share with you. I know it is stressful and hectic to apply for whether a job, internship or any vacancy through the fast-moving internet era. Yet, unless you master these 5 small details in your resume, I am afraid the distance between you and your dream job will be just further and further!

1. Contact information

I am sure you are bright. Your resume is so impressive. I highly admire your experience and your CV style is creative, to some extent, which can make you stand out. However, please keep in mind the unbearable that the recruiter could not find your contact information. This is really painfully irritating. Truth to say, the recruiter perhaps would like to contact you, but unfortunately, there are more people interested in the vacancy and obviously they are more reachable than you with explicitly contact information attached. Sorry but brutally honest, no one would wish to spend their time googling you whom they have not met yet.

2. The position you are aiming

Would you mind doing yourself a favor? Just keep it clear which position you want to apply for.  The recruiter has been patient enough to screen though your motivation letter, then it would be really disappointed to realize you send the same document to all the companies that exist without any adjustment. Or it could be worse that recruiters have no clue which positions you are passionate about. For example, the recruiter received your application for both three positions posted without any reasonable explanation. Sure I could image how daunting and desperate to search for a job, nevertheless; the bottom line is “What’s from the heart reaches the heart”. Simply because recruiters are human too.

3. CC Vs BCC

This mistake might be more crucial than you think it is. It is ironically golden case that I have seen a few applicants did not even BCC or CC their application but directly send 9-10 different email addresses of other companies. Frankly, I would love to just ignore those applications because it would take so much time to figure out if they actually want the position offered. Moreover, it is considered to be a bit unfair for other applicants with sincerer way of sending their application to each vacancy.

4. Microsoft word?

I am sure everyone who applies can be sufficient at Microsoft Word. Please, to save time for each other, could it be an idea to use PDF file which is more effectively professional? Your computer competent skills are present partly themselves in your resume. I just can’t help but wondering which century people would send Microsoft Word document for a job application. However, it is supposed that hand-written application would be substantially impressive and  never out of fashion 😉

5. Faithfully VS Sincerely

Everyone makes mistake, which means you should be tolerated for yours as well, right? Nevertheless, in reality, it is true to say you would not be preferably chosen over the person who have made his/her effort in every small details. I am still grateful to my teacher and career mentor for making it clear that “Faithfully” for person you do not know their name, vice versa with Sincerely.

For example, if you used “Dear Sir/Madam” in the beginning, the former is appropriately used and the latter is for instance “Dear Mr. Smith”.

All in all, I am no better than you. We are here to learn from each other. I used to make some silly mistakes as well. The point is we learnt from it, move forward and grow wiser!!

Good luck!