Living costs in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city, almost every person who visit it would like to move here. The reasons are many: weather, food, people, culture, living costs, overall: the quality of life it’s good.
If you plan to move here you should have an idea of the monthly living costs, as the city is not really cheap. The number of tourists and emigrants increased a lot in the last years and this makes the prices to go up.

The following prices are very generic(an average price).

+ The food price:

Chicken: 3.70€ – 1kg
Milk: 1.3€ – 1l
Bread: 1€ – 1piece
Orange juice: 1.60€ – 1l
Milka chocholate: 1€ – 100g
Bananas: 0.8€ – 1kg
Beer Becks: 0.5€ – 33cl

The most popular markets in Barcelona(supermercat) are :
– Mercadona
– Carrefour
– Lidl
– Consum
– Bonpreu
– Condis
– Caprabo

+ The rent cost:

The price is influenced mostly by the location, the next example is for the center area:
2 rooms apartment: 500-1000€/month
Room in a shared apartment: 350-500€ (depending on the size)

Have a look on the biggest renting portals in Spain:

+ Transportation cost:

A ticket valid for a single bus journey: 2.15€
A multi-person travel card allowing 10 journeys (metro/bus): 9.95€
An individual travel card valid for 50 intermodal journeys in 30 consecutive days from the first validation: 42.50€
An individual non-transferable travel card valid for an unlimited number of journeys in 30 consecutive days from the first validation: 52.75€

Check here all the ticket types:

To summarise, a cheap total cost would be:
+ accomodation: 350€
+ transportation: 42.50€
+ food & others: 400€
= 795€