Looking for an internship experience abroad ?

Don’t waste time looking for companies which don’t really want interns. Premium Internship is here to do help you!

+Internship Placement

We are a young international agency specialized in finding internships and accommodations abroad. Be one-step ahead of the massive competition in today’s job market by gaining meaningful and professional work experience with a Premium Internship!

Spots are limited. Apply early for the best internship opportunities!

+Find Accomodation

Our housing facilities in your placement city offer the convenience and comfort necessary for an effortless move. All accommodations are fully equipped and furnished. The renting price vary from 350-500€/month depending on your accomodation type: room in a shared apartment or a whole flat.

+Weekend Activities

Experience the city through a series of fun and exciting program events that will offer you the best hightlights of the city. Every weekend we organize different activities: OUTDOOR activities (hiking, cycling, tennis, ski, etc), CULTURAL events, TRAVEL in and outside the city.

+Visa Assistance

Upon enrollment into the program you will receive a list of documents needed for us to process your Visa. As the visa process may take up to 7 weeks we will ask you to be very cooperative with us and provide us with the documents needed on time.

+On-Site Support

Our on-site staff is dedicated to provide assistance to our interns throughout the entire program. You will have the opportunity to send your revised resume and cover letter to us for feedback and improvement steps.